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Unlock the revolutionary PediSafe Toenail Reconstruction System, your go-to solution for toenail fungus elimination and missing toenail restoration. Our cutting-edge formula merges state-of-the-art toenail repair techniques with potent antifungal agents, turning fragile and damaged nails into resilient beauties. Choose PediSafe to fend off toenail infections and bolster nail wellness, all while securing enduring defense against fungal complications.

For those interested in the comprehensive benefits and innovative approach of PediSafe, delve into our guide on how PediSafe addresses toenail health complexities in Navigating the complexities of toenail health with PediSafe.

Explore our diverse toenail restoration options, from prosthetic toenails to natural-looking artificial alternatives. Our nail substitution methods and regrowth treatments deliver visually captivating outcomes while tackling nail damage. Experience the PediSafe advantage—a holistic approach to toenail wellness, featuring advanced care and effective repair solutions.

Opt for PediSafe for comprehensive toenail fungus solutions, innovative toenail reconstruction techniques, and all-inclusive missing toenail remedies. Feel the impact of our groundbreaking system as you rejuvenate your clients' nails, bestowing upon them both aesthetic allure and peak toenail health.


Ingrown relief

Crooked nail realignment

Preventive overlay

Prosthetic toenail (for missing toenails)

Discover the transformative power of PediSafe across various toenail issues in Revolutionize Your Nail Care Services with PediSafe: The Ultimate Solution for Healthy, Beautiful Nails

The PediSafe Starter Kit includes everything you need to enhance your clients’ toenails:

1 Connect+ 12g - 0.43 fl.oz Bonding Base

1 Modelling+  29g - 1 fl.oz Sculpt and Structure

1 Top Gloss+ 15ml - 0.5 fl.oz Shine and Protect

3 One Stroke+ disposable brushes

1 Sani-Fresh Dual Action Clean and Prep nails

1 Tack-Free Shines, Cleans and Moisturises

1 Cyclone 100/180 nail file

2 Dappen dish hygienic recipient

1 Manicure brush

1 Colour Vinyl Polish ‘Hawaiian Punch’

1 Member card for technical support

 1 Step by step booklet

Allows you to enhance up to 30 sets of toenails

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Deborah Murphy
Pedi safe

I have written a review before and can only say again what a great product this is! Easy to apply. And Safe! For those who need quick long lasting nail repair for any reason! this is a product for you!

Linda Allen

So far I really like it, but haven’t used it enough for a good review. Still getting the hang of it.


Haven’t used yet. But am excited to try it out soon. Nice kit comes exactly as shown.

Kirsty Robinson
Happy with purchase

Great items, good quality, fast postage

Deborah Murphy
Pedisafe connect

Can’t say enough good about these products. For people who suffer from weak or damaged nails and need repair for any reason these products are available and great!! Easy to use and safe. I highly recommend

Zahava Robinson
Excellent product

Amazing product. Just wish it was cheaper to ship to Australia

Before and After Reconstruction Revealed

Struggling with damaged or unsightly toenails? Discover the magic of PediSafe as we showcase stunning before and after toenail reconstruction results. Learn how Pedisafe redefines nail care in Revolutionize Your Nail Care Services with PediSafe

Pedisafe Services

  • Simple Overlay A gel overlay is a great addition to your existing services. PediSafe guarantees your customer will have beautiful toes for 8 weeks. In addition you will be protecting your customers from fungal and bacterial contamination. Discover the full range of nail care services in Revolutionize Your Nail Care Services with PediSafe.

  • Extreme Reconstruction Provide a unique service by rebuilding missing nails due to injury or fungal infection. The PediSafe Extreme Reconstruction is a very lucrative service to add to your existing ones. Learn how to incorporate PediSafe into your services for enhanced nail beauty and health in Revolutionize Your Nail Care Services with PediSafe.

  • Ingrown Nail Rebalancing Correct and relieve your customer’s ingrown toenails with PediSafe’s Ingrown Nail Rebalancing System. By creating new pressure point we redistribute the c-curve pressure and relieve your customer’s discomfort.

Pedisafe Services

  • Nail Realignment PediSafe can modify nail shapes and give them a more aesthetic appearance. The straightening of natural nails can be achieved with repeated treatments. For DIY enthusiasts and professionals, discover why PediSafe is the best choice in DIY with PediSafe: Your Best Choice for Toenail Reconstruction.

  • Finger Nail Enhancement Powered by great adherence and strength, PediSafe can be used as a day-to-day nail enhancement service in your salon. 


Pedisafe is manufactured to be applied on toenails , therefore it contains antifungal and antimicrobial agents because our feet are constantly in shoes and this creates a dark and humid environment, which can promote fungal growth. It is important to use products that have these properties, in order to prevent any fungal infections from developing.

No, Pedisafe doesn’t impede any treatment of fungus or cause more fungus. In fact, Pedisafe actually helps with your treatment by containing antifungal and antimicrobial properties. So, to expect the best result, we recommend you to continue using Pedisafe in conjunction with your current treatment. 

If you have fungus, you should be treating your fungus with either an antifungal drop or some kinds of prescribed products - and you should use them in conjunction with Pedisafe. If you don’t have fungus, then Pedisafe is a preventative method because it helps to keep your feet healthy and free of fungus thanks to its antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

We do sell antifungal drops to treat toenail fungus, if you want more information about it, please contact us at

Yes, it will. There's no problem with your nail reconstruction going into the water.

Depending on how much of the natural nail left that you have, it will affect how long your toenail reconstruction will last. If you have only 10% left of your natural toenail, it won't last as long as someone who has 80% left. But to give a quick answer, it can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks for short term use. 

For long term use, we recommend you to follow up with your specialist after 8 weeks. This is so your specialist can check on whether it has water infiltration, or it is holding on properly. If there is, it can be treated right away by removing the part that may be lifting and rebuilding on the existing toenail reconstruction. If you do it by yourself, then you should check it and rebuild it yourself. 

Before applying Pedisafe, we remove all the unhealthy parts of the nail by removing all the detach particles, then we clean up the surface, and apply Pedisafe. This helps to ensure that the product is only applied to the healthy part of the nail.Basically, we are not applying on fungus (or encapsulating the fungus) because we are removing it first. 

Yes, it is available for everyone. 

But we do recommend that you seek a professional for proper application. The reason that we make it available for everyone has to do with the fact that there are not enough specialists who offer this service.

We do include all the instructions on the kit so that you can do it yourself. If you want training or more info about Pedisafe application, kindly contact us at

It depends on the specification of the lamp. Pedisafe Pro Lamp is designed to work with Pedisafe because it has the light spectrum from 365 nanometers to 405 nanometers, which is the optimal light spectrum to use with Pedisafe products. So we highly recommend you to use this lamp. You can use different lamps AS LONG AS it has the light spectrum from 365 nanometers to 405 nanometers. 

However, most manufacturers don't provide this information for their lamps, and if it does exist, there is no guarantee that it actually gives off that wavelength. Even if you purchase a lamp that claims to have the light spectrum from 365 nanometers to 405 nanometers, there's no way to be sure that it will work with Pedisafe. We can only guarantee it will work with our Pedisafe Pro lamp.

The reason for this recommendation is that you need 100% curing of the product, otherwise you will have uncured products on your skin, which might create an immunity response, causing you to get allergic to Pedisafe. And even if you have the right lamp for the next time, you still might have the allergic reaction because you already stimulated it in your body. The only way we can guarantee that you don't have uncured products on the skin is that you use our lamp because it is a proper lamp to use.

If your toenails have been removed 100% , it will still work, but the issue is that it won’t hold long. It will hold maybe a day. And You have to apply it like jewelry by using nail glue (nail adhesive) and gluing it to your skin. 

It won't hold for 6-8 weeks like the usual toenail reconstruction because the product applies directly to your skin, and your skin will produce oil and sebums that make the product lift.

The speed at which a product lifts depends on how much oil and sebum your skin secretes. If your skin produces more oil and sebum, the product will lift faster. Conversely, if your skin produces less oil and sebum, the product will lift slower.

Yes, the nail grows with the product.

But if your nail doesn't grow anymore (before applying pedisafe) then it won’t grow since pedisafe can’t help with your nail growth issue. 

If no nail means it’s just skin left (because some might think they have no nail at all but they still have some left), then it won’t hold very long - probably around one day. And You have to apply it like jewelry by using nail glue (nail adhesive) and gluing it to your skin. 

It has to be filed off. You can file down using an e-filer or with a nail file, and file all the way down to your natural nail. 

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