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GEL COLOUR FX HAZY SKIES #145 7 g - 0.25 Fl. Oz

GEL COLOUR FX HAZY SKIES #145 7 g - 0.25 Fl. Oz



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Hazy Skies is the perfect gray with it's lite touch of purple making it idea for cool skin tone.

If you never tried a Colour Fx your going to love it's creamy texture and it's self leveling application. Keep in mind Colour FX cure in U.V. and Led light so you do need a curing lamp. You will need no longer that 30 seconds to get a full cure. Colour Fx are extremely durable and can be work with your favorite gels. Keep in mind it work best with the Gelous system. Shelf live for this product is endless. Ho and before I forget this is a 7g jar for the price of a 5g.